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Coq Au Vin with a Difference
This is a take on the original coq au vin, I think this dish as is, is wonderful, but this is just a different way of preparing it, that adds that something a little bit special for a romantic evening in. I have only changed a few things but I think it adds such a wonderful flavour, so enjoy.I made this for 2 so if you want to make it for a dinner party just adjust amounts accordingly. You will not have to adjust sauce ingredients much as the ingredients listed below would easily be enough for 3 and if you wanted to make it for 4 add more mushrooms, one more slice of bacon, extra stock and liquid.


2 Chicken breasts (of a good size.)
1 Tablespoon truffle oil
21/2 Tablespoons shallots, finely chopped
7 Cloves garlic, crushed
2 Slices bacon, chopped finely
30-35g Butter
200g Mixed mushrooms, chopped (chantrelles, button, Swiss brown, pieds etc.. whatever is in season, chopped and sliced in different ways.)
11/2 Cups dry red wine
1 Tablespoon tomato paste
4 Sprigs rosemary
3 Bay leaves
3 Teaspoons chicken stock
11/2 Cups water
2 Teaspoons grain mustard
Pepper to taste
3 Teaspoons cornflour
2 Tablespoons Cream
11/2-2 Tablespoons chives
truffle oil (extra)


1. In a pan heat some olive oil, add chicken breasts and cook to brown both sides, about 3-4 min’s a side. (You want a nice colour on the outside.) Remove and set to one side.

2. Heat truffle oil in a pan, add shallots, garlic and bacon, cook until it all starts to brown. Add butter, melt, add mushrooms cook until mushrooms start to brown.

3. Add tomato paste, again until it starts to brown slightly, add wine, rosemary and bay leaves, simmer until wine has reduced by half 15-20 Min’s.

4. Add chicken stock and water, stir until stock has dissolved, add mustard and pepper to taste, stir to combine.

5. Return chicken to pan and simmer for 20-30 Min’s until chicken is cooked through. (Do not turn chicken rather cover with lid for a little of the cooking time. If you turn you will end up with a very red breast from the wine and it is not that attractive.) Remove chicken from pan once cooked and keep warm.

6. Mix cornflour with a little water add to sauce a little at time, (you may not need all of it depending on how much the liquid has reduced by.) Add until mixture thickens.

7. Stir in cream and chopped chives. Serve sauce over chicken and drizzle extra truffle oil over the top.

I served mine over creamy polenta but serve over regular mash or wild rice whatever you like.

To Serve: Place a mound of polenta in the centre of the plate, slice the chicken into slices arrange on top of the polenta pour sauce over the top, drizzle with truffle oil. Garnish with chives.

All photo’s taken by me unless otherwise stated.

Beef Stroganoff in the Mellinkoff Manner
This is another recipe by a zarr member, I have never made a beef stroganoff recipe before so I don’t know how much this one differs from a more traditional one, but I thought this was yummy.It is a very easy recipe to make, I did add a couple of garlic cloves to mine and I also cheated by just adding all the ingredients except the sour cream and then just thickened with cornflour. Both myself and my hubby thought this was very enjoyable and I will definitely be making it again. If you like this recipe or would like to read other reviews or view other photo’s of this recipe please click here.


3/4lb Mushrooms, sliced
1 Small onion, finely chopped
3 Tablespoons butter
Salt and pepper
1/2 Cup sherry wine
3/4 Teaspoon paprika
2 Cups sour cream
2-4 Tablespoons lemon juice
2 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons flour
1/2 Cup beef stock
2 1/2lbs beef tenderloin or New York strip steaks or sirloin
1 Tablespoon oil (may need more)
1/4 Cup sherry wine
1 1/4 Tablespoons tomato paste
(As I stated above I also added a couple of cloves of garlic to mine.)


1. Saute mushrooms and onion in the 3 T butter and add salt and pepper. Cook 3 minutes and add the 1/2 C Sherry wine and stir. Slowly mix in the sour cream using a wire whisk and add the paprika, and lemon juice. Set aside.

2. In a small saucepan, melt the 2 T butter with 2 T flour. Add the beef stock over low heat and stir until sauce is very thick. Add this into the sour cream mixture.

3. Cut the meat into slices 2″ by 1/4″ and then season with some salt and pepper. Sear them quickly in the 1 T oil until browned on both sides and remove from the pan. Don’t do too many slices at a time (it won’t sizzle). Continue with remaining meat slices and remove from pan. Drain fat from the skillet and add 1/4 C sherry wine to the pan and deglaze.

4. Stir in tomato paste, sour cream mixture, and meat. Taste and add more salt, lemon juice or paprika as needed.

5. Serve over egg noodles.

Serves 6

All photo’s taken by me unless otherwise stated.