I am a pilot now living in Spain but hoping to be back in Switzerland or the South of France soon. I  love to cook and experiment with all kinds of foods from around the world.

I have been cooking since I was 10 although back then it was eggs and beans on toast, which when you watch these Junior masterchefs looks pitiful for my age back then.

I love throwing parties and intimate dinner parties especially seeing how much people enjoy themselves. I am very family oriented and love nothing more than cooking a feast for big family and friend gatherings. There is nothing like good company, good food, ¬†good wine and great conversation and laughter. “A merry Heart Doeth Good like a Medicine.”

I love the outdoors and sports and to travel, although I haven’t crossed off every place I want to visit in the world. Although it does feel good to back in Europe after my stint in Australia. Great country and grew up there a good portion of my life but it is to far from the rest of the world especially when all my family is this side of the pond.

Anyway I hope you get use out of my blog and all its recipes that I have very much enjoyed putting together and making.