After the success of the free WordPress site I decided to set up a dedicated url and offer advertising on the site. The previous site now redirects here via a 301 redirect along with all external links and permalinks. The site gets approximately 500 – 1000 uniques visitors per day and we have approximately 1415 pages indexed in Google.

The recipes on the blog gain great traffic through the search engines but also through organic links from various sites I am a member of.  Approximately 55% of the traffic is through the US, the rest is split fairly evenly amongst the English speaking countries.

Why You Should Advertise

I have an active and loyal following of users on the site, however, the nature of the recipes being ‘non time specific’ means that the recipes gain many clicks from one time users. This gives advertisers a broad base of ‘eyes’ on their advertisements.

How much does it cost?

All ads are on a 125×125 basis. There are initially three slots on the top right sidebar and further slots can be made available and payment is by PayPal. The cost for these ads are $25 per month or $200 for an annual payment up front.

I will be implementing a Paypal subscription button in the next few days but if you would like to enquire before that, please contact me at admin@ (leave out the space.. trying to protect against spammers!). Include a copy of your ad (max 125×125) and I will review your ad and let you know where you can pay for the space.


The Flying Chef